Summer was definitely created because God (or whatever higher power you believe in) loves clavicles. Why else would the French give the area between your neck and bust the alluring name décolletage? The name alone is a signifier that the area is to be admired and highly regarded. That being said, I am going to indulge my maker and flaunt this clavicle hither and fro. Shirts like this one make it easy. I found it serendipitously while thrifting (spending money I should be saving). But what's $10.95 to a summer full of sartorial happiness? I coupled my serendipitous find with trousers (a new style I'm wholly obsessed with) from TopShop and Birkies for a relaxed, easygoing look perfect for summa, summa, summatiiiime! 

Shoes Birkenstocks / Bag Urban Outfitters / Trousers TopShop / Shirt Thirfted

B*tch, I'm Taking Calls


This is what it looks like when I talk to my mom. We tend to have mid morning conversations about business and content. By business, I really mean my mom spending 15-45 minutes convincing me to get out of my own way. Whether I like it or not she's basically my momager. She's great and I wish everyone could experience her knack for always being right about my life choices. This outfit, however, was picked by me and isn't necessary to have a momager but it is comfy and great to run important errands in. You know leisure wear outside the typical realm of leggings and Birkenstocks (a set of coordinates I'm guilty of donning on more than one occasion). I love a great Nike legging as much as the next girl but c'mon, I'm turning 25 in just over 2 weeks and I think it's about time my leisure wardrobe finally exit puberty...momager or not.

Sweater Cheap Monday / Shoes + Pants + Bag Zara

The Studio Museum of Harlem


If you read my previous post, you know that I went to the Studio Museum of Harlem this past weekend for some inspiration and relaxation. I love Studio Museum for a multitude of reasons. First, it's dedicated to Black art. Second, it's run by the fabulous Thelma Golden (she gives me serious #LifeGoals). Third, but not last, one of its fundamental practices is nurturing young artists of color. It's amazing what this small museum has managed to do with their space. It's incredible and is a constant reminder that there are no limitations on what I can do.

The photos above are from a few of their summer exhibitions (Regarding the Figure, Jamel Shabazz Crossing 125th Street, and Rico Gaston Icons). I loved the range of mediums and how all of my favorite artists were in the same room. Lorna Simpson, Lorraine O'Grady, Carrie Mae Weems, Lynette Yiadom Boakye, Barkley Hendricks, etc. I was even introduced to a few new artist I would like to keep my eyes on, Lev. T Mills, for example.

Nostalgia, Ultra


This weekend I ventured uptown to my old neighborhood, Harlem U.S.A. I haven't been back since I moved to Brooklyn due to PTSD but I must admit, it did feel great being back in the mecca of Black culture. I went to go see a new exhibition at my favorite museum and being back in the 'hood gave me immense flashbacks and nostalgia. I guess it didn't hurt that my outfit was a bit of a throwback. I bought this jumpsuit at Beacon's Closet when I first moved to NYC and it's been an essential staple in my summer wardrobe ever since. It's 1970's silhouette makes me feel funky and chill. It's easy, breezy nature allows it to withstand the brutal humidity this city loves to offer its residents and that's perfectly alright with me. :)

Jumpsuit / Thrifted (Beacon's Closet) 

Clinton Hill Library


Another day, another errand, and another day of heat hanging over the city like thick smog. Being one that feels guilty for wasting a precious day off, I hopped up, got some work done and headed out the door to renew a book at the library. The heat was oppressive. There was barely any shade but the weather wasn't enough to keep me away from my favorite library. I love the Clinton Hill Library, not because of its selection per sé but because of its location. The walk there from the subway is amazing; brownstones and long trees line the streets and you can feel the neighborhood's history speaking to you through the sandstone. It's wondrous. I wore this TopShop skirt that the wind swept around with gentle ease. I paired my skirt with a simple white cropped tank and my new favorite platforms creating a look was somewhat reminiscent of Amelie's "Why Don't We Fall in Love".

My Soul Looks Back x Jessica B.  Harris  / Brooklyn Public Library (Free 😊) + Skirt / TopShop $68 + Tank / Zara $5.99 + Sandals / Zara $59.99

My Bkr

Sponsored by BKR


My morning routine doesn't consist of much. I wake up, pee, and make breakfast while blasting music to the dismay of my roommates (I'm assuming). My routine, like me, is simple but one thing was missing- water. Yes, I eat healthier but ever since a hoodrat at my job stole my favorite orange CamelBak water bottle, I've been feeling both ashy and dehydrated. My skin was been feeling the drought. Luckily, a day later my friends over at BKR reached out (divine intervention?!) and sent me a couple water bottles to test. I was a little weary because I'm not great with things composed of glass, I carry my water in my bag, and I didn't want to be weighed down. Nonetheless, I've been hooked since they've arrived. They are so chic and I love the variation in sizing. Pictured above is their 1000mL bottle that I keep by my bed to stay hydrated morning and night. It's a beautiful lavender color with my initial (very rare) in yellow. It's amazing, I can feel the difference, and my cucumber/lemon water has never tasted better since receiving #MyBKR.

Boo "Y" 1L water botttle / MyBKR.com $50



It's been extremely hot here in NYC so I finally went ahead and purchased my annual summer sandal. This platform sandal was perfect because I've been stanning for all things high and chunky. It's a great addition to my wardrobe and pacifies my addiction to crazy silhouettes while remaining comfortable and functional. The only problem with the purchase of these sandals is that at the time of purchase my feet looked like those of a newly released convict (#ToesBreakingRocks). No sweat though. On my way to the nail shop, I simply threw on these comfy and vibrant red socks. This drew attention to the stacked wedge while hiding the unsightly horror that lay underneath...I call that deception at it's finest. 

Bag + Shoes + Dress / Zara $59.90 - Socks / Urban Outfitters $4.99

Finding Mr. Goodbar


You take a shower, you semi-air dry, then you're left with the decision to either spend copious amounts of time lathering up or going the go- ashy style. I admit, I'm not one to enjoy the post-bath lather; I feel like there are better ways I could spend my time. Deduct Black Girl Magic points, I don't care. This is not to say that I don't oil up with the finest coconut oil Trader Joe's has to offer as much as it is to say that I'm just not very consistent. That was until I tried Abena Boamah's exfoliating bar from her niche (and affordable) new indie beauty line Hanahana Beauty. It's eeeeeverything! It's composed of all the goodies you'd expect to find (Shea butter, cocoa butter, brown sugar) and few that make me raise an eyebrow (clove, tea tree oil, and aduki beans). The mere presence of tea tree oil and Shea butter shows me that it will tone my skin while simultaneously locking in moisture. The brown sugar acts as an exfoliant that will slough away any dead skin cells that are unable to absorb moisture thus, getting me out the shower and out the door faster than you can say "Hanahana Beauty" 3 times! 

Hanahana Beauty Exfoliating Bar / $12

Roti Run!


Despite that fact that I work an exhaustive 40 hr. week and my days off are nonconsecutive, I'm still glad that one of those days off is Saturday. I can reconnect with friends (sans bars) and attend the numerous events whose invites I used to throw to the wayside due to my 6 a.m. work time. This Saturday, though, I chilled. I really wanted roti (as I always do) so when my boyfriend, Syd,  called I knew he'd be the perfect tag along in my culinary quest. It was really beautiful outside so I donned a thrifted chartreuse maxi dress (that has several burn holes thanks to July 4, 2015...but that's a whole nother story), my favorite Deer Dana shirt, my ever-popular lucite earrings, and cute underwear because of my dress's transparence. We headed to Ali's Trinidad Roti Shop, which on any given day will have a line out the door. It's worth it, though. GAWD! The 15-minute, or so, walk from my apartment in my diaphanous dress was perfect for absorbing what the sun had to offer. The delicate material also didn't hurt while waiting for my meal in the crowded and hot roti shop.

Dress + Purse + Sunglasses / Beacon's Closet , Shirt /Deer Dana $60 , Earrings / Buffalo Exchange $10

Guess Who's Back...Again?


I'm back, for real this time though. No stopping and starting. No long unexplained disappearing acts, I'm back. I just needed a little time to breathe and calibrate my creative compass. I needed time to ask myself the important questions. Did I want to write about fashion, beauty, and the like or did I want to make my blog more personal? I was struggling to fit into a box my last go 'round with blogging but my recent move back to Brooklyn was just the catalyst I needed to dive headfirst into a fresh start! I cleared my head...and my blog and I refuse to choose my topics. I made it too complicated last time. Now, I will simply write about what I love and muse about on the daily. I'm much happier and, hopefully, that will be reflected in my new and improved blog. Stay tuned.

...for real though, I'm back!