In The Process of Getting Ready: ONE


I have a thigh-to-butt ratio that isn't easily matched in jeans that aren't vintage Levis. My favorite Levi cut? 511 or 512. Those, however, are quite hard to find when I'm on the East Coast. Womp. I thought all hope was lost when it came to finding a jean until I ran through my mental Rolodex and recounted all the jeans that fit me nicely, and at a reasonable price. The verdict: BDG High Rise jeans with a tapered, not skinny, leg. They fit like my favorite Levis and I don't have to fight with the waists to cover mid-drift when I don a crop top or revealing top. The fit is kind and compromising, a quality I find hard to obtain in jeans that hug my curves and aren't excruciatingly tight.

Above, I paired the jeans with a vintage dress I found during a shopping trip to San Francisco. It's so comfortable and once you loosen a couple buttons it can double as a shirt! (Shape-shifting garments for the win!) The earrings are also a thrift store find. They're great because they help tie any look together. I love a big, chunky, funky earring and a simple silhouette. It's chic while uncompounded. And if paired with a loafer the ensemble can take you from work to the wee hours of the night.

A Date with Spicy...Mustard


Can you manifest good date energy through clothes choice?

Yesterday, I thought I had to pick up a visually impaired beau and nurse his eyes back to 20/20. I was wrong. To my surprise, he was up for an adventure. Ugly sunglasses in (his) hand, a simple SweetGreen salad on the steps of The Met turned into a full-blown excursion along the Upper West Side. From Central Park to Gray's Papaya (hot dogs) and ending with a midnight dessert run to Columbus Circle, my unbounded partner and garb kept me comfortably in motion. 

I, admittedly, approached this jumpsuit with an air of skepticism. "Did my butt look okay? Will I look like a farmer? Can I make this work with what I have"? The questions filled my dressing room. Ultimately what sold me wasn't necessarily the fit but how I felt and how I wanted to feel, free. The frontal zipper didn't hurt either. I was uninhibited. Overalls are a simple stop shop in terms of getting dressed and that philosophy is everything I gravitate towards at the moment. My life is slowly becoming about what I can wear that will stylishly get me through the day sans the thought of going home and changing. It's also growing to reflect the moods to which I aspire. 

Last night embodied how I felt and I think may have lent a hand to the warm fuzzies felt throughout the evening. My clothes felt good so I felt good. I was comfortable, I felt free, and thus, I went the entire night without the desire to put my man-friend in a Half Nelson. i.e. good clothes manifest good vibes. I'm a witness.

Glamour Magazine Beauty Issue! πŸ’‹


I'm so honored to be featured in Glamour Magazine's esteemed October Beauty issue. I was chosen amongst a select few for their Month in Beauty Pictures highlight. Not only am I featured but they used a picture that captured one of my favorite beauty moments! I'm so happy they thought of me for this issue and hope you guys will go snag it at your local (or digital) newsstands! πŸ’‹


Fall Shoe Round-Up


...just in case your shoes are a snooze. 

We've somehow teleported from New Years to September and with it, the seasons have come and gone. We have endured the abyss of winter and shed our proverbial shells in spring. The few things remaining constant in this wave of transition being our love for Netflix, bacon, egg, and cheeses (on a croissant) from the local bodega, and our need for shoes. However, today I am only here to talk about the latter not the former. 

With fashion week coming to a close this week,  one may feel the impending spring collections calling them to add to their wardrobes. Unfortunately, Rachel Comey's S/S'17 collection won't be in stores until circa January so we'll just have to settle right now for fall attire. There are gems in those collections as well. 

As previously mentioned, I like to think that I am a simple girl; a trend hither or yonder can usually suffice my day-to-day need for "clothsure". Shoes, however, is another story. I am a firm believer that a great shoe, with the right composition and/or heel can bring a simple outfit (jeans and a t-shirt) into the zeitgeist. Something as simple as a loafer, a sneaker, or a ribbon entwined midi heel has the power to reinvent.  Above, I've compiled a round-up of my  Fall 2016 #ShoeGoals. They range from sensible and comfortable to "I think I need an uber because I can no longer walk". Take a gander and buy a pair. Setting the tone for a great week can be as simple as buying a pair of great seasonal shoes on a Monday.


Khiry S/S'17

Uncompounded. Uncomplicated. That's how I like my clothes, that's how I like my style. I ultimately use jewelry as a means to add punch to an otherwise blan outfit. However, upon my (fashionably late) arrival to Khiry Fashion Week presentation, I had to reconsider the importance of complicated statement pieces. Every item was sleek and simple, making only slight departures from its simplicity to pay homage to the Eastern World and the African diaspora. Studs, bobbles, along with waxing and waning metals embellished every piece and though those adornments usually make me shudder and cringe in horror; this simple gal never felt more at ease. 


(This is a Fashion Week stop that deserves a second go 'round!)

In the crux of Brooklyn lies a warehouse. In this warehouse lives 29 rooms. In every room lives a different theme all designed and honed by various artists. A funhouse museum of sorts that allows for fashion, beauty, and culture to mix. The pop-up is so expansive, though,one may not get a chance to see the rooms all at once. However, that's fine! 29Rooms is going to be around all weekend!!! Get there early!


R.I.P Manus x Machina


Last week, I headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to experience the Manus x Machina fashion exhibit. The presentation focused greatly on the growing ambiguity between haute couture and pret-a-porter. The show recounted the contributions that both hands and machines have made to fashion and how the practices of both disciplines have helped blur the class lines of fashion.Throughout the realms of pleats, faux flowers, featherwork, and toiles I'm not sure the if I loved the class implications that are so overlooked at times in the world of fashion or the vestments that adorned the greatly styled mannequins. I mourn for those that never got a chance to see this show and learned more about a art form that many only view from the surface level.

*pours 40oz*

Click the arrows above and check out my other favorite looks!



Makeup A Look


Is makeup actually a summer necessity? My first answer to this question was no. I actually found the act of wearing anything beyond my daily moisturizer, lip gloss, or eye cream utterly exhausting. I would delude myself into believing that I could feel a breakout coming on every time I applied a product. I actually went so far as to file the act of contouring during these torturously searing months a symptom of superficial vanity. 

Lately, though, I've been looking at the technique and purpose of makeup through a new lens. With every shoot, I find myself asking makeup artists their personal favorite products and maquillages. I've been seeing the application of makeup in the summer not as a symbol of vapidness but really as a means to remain uncomplicated. With the sun high and the days long, women want one thing in their dressing: simplicity. No one has time, or energy, to over-accessorize a look. Makeup provides that simple and undetected out. Women seem to wear it any other time of the year. Why not now? 

I just had to bring myself, unjudgmentally, to do it. 

I already had the goods. I'm practically a NARS junkie. I have the lips pencils (matte being my fave), concealers, the lips sticks, The Multiples, and the blushes ( Matahari, hello?!). I just had to get these products on my face. I began how most do, with a normal cleansing routine: Rhassoul soap, toner, and moisturizing oil. Once finished, I picked my preferences. Scouring through my array of lipsticks and stains, I kept in mind that I  wanted to begin this restorative process uncomplicated. I chose three products: Cruella (NARS), Haloscope (Glossier), and a brow gel (Anastacia Beverly Hills). I wanted to keep in simple and not feel as though I was hiding my face from the sun I'll eventually be praying for in four months. I smeared my predilections across my face; accentuating all my beloved features.  I could feel the boldness of my red lip bringing strength and allure to my usual undramatic summer stylings: a see-through t-shirt and equally transparent pinstripe pants. 


I mean, with Cruella by NARS smeared across my lips, who has the audacity to reprimand my lazy summer dressing choices?


Lip Pencil: Nars (Cruella), Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Brow Gel), Bralette: Urban Outfitters, Pant: Beacon's Closet

#BTS: Essence Beauty Box πŸ’…πŸΎ


Yesterday, I found myself making my way through the Financial District (after an hour on a ghost riding 5 train -the trains were a travesty yesterday), passing the gargantuan monuments of One World Trade and the like, the destination: Time Inc. The more specific destination: Essence Magazine. I had been contacted by their amazing team to help them with some video content for their July (birthday month much?!) box of beauty pickings. I immediately jumped on board because I love their monthly elects of maquillage, ranging from face wipes (my new obsession) to nail appliquΓ©s.

I had the privilege of sampling the POP Kajal Eyeliner in Inky Purple to create 3 day-to-night looks. As one who considers filling in eyebrows a serious makeup endeavor, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a mulberry smoky eye looked amazing on me! It's most definitely a look I'll bring with me through summer in to fall -I can't promise winter. I'm lazy. 


The First 24🎈

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. I was in a state of anxious reflection about what it means to turn 24. Everyday, I would ask myself the same questions: How do I feel? What are your expectations? What do I want to accomplish? The questions literally trailed on forever...

My answer is as follows: (*Disclaimer: This myriad of revelation came only after a nail technician reprimanded me for not paying attention to her direction during my birthday pedicure). 

I expect to further commit to my career in creative media and make it full time. I need to make more time for my friends and remember their birthdays. I want to see more money in my savings account than my checking account. I plan on creating a tribe of dope, inspiring, creative girls that call on each other when sourcing and/or creating work. I plan to travel more (However, I need a passport first). I want you all reading this to not judge me because I'm 24 and find myself without a passport. I want to continue to be open to love and all it has to offer. I plan to get over my fear of roaches. I want to be responsible and wash my face every night before bed. I plan to cut my weekly trips to Magnolia bakery in half. I plan to constantly operate in gratitude.

I want to go to sleep.