The Future Is Sheer


I am a self-designated sock guru. Anything one needs to know about socks I can assist. Sock-to-shoe ratios? Sock-to-shoe texture? I am your girl! That is why I am here to declare the future is sheer. Transparent socks are my approach to the shifting seasons. The fine, delicate nature of the weave is great for mild autumn days or record-high winter afternoons. They're lightweight and, yet, protect my little digits from the elements. Occasionally, I run into an expression of confusion; the assumption that my socks are somehow weird and/or out of season but I refuse to let that bother me. Instead, I've decided to make my next moves, and those that follow, my best moves as I traverse the city in style. 

Socks: Urban Outfitters / $12 (2 for $20 promo)

#TGMT: The Resistance


This playlist is a compilation of songs that is intended to be a method of self-care and motivation. Not all of the songs are happy and not all are sad but each song provides a little comfort and/or purpose.  Sorry to make this caption so short but I need to get out of this house and to the theater to go see "Hidden Figures". Click the link right hurrrrr and lift your spirits.

Dis Some Black A** Sh*t


Today is the day the Mandarin Mussolini has finessed and lied for. It's inauguration day. And while the many folks who believe that Obamacare was somehow different than the Affordable Care Act (Google is a bad b*tch) are excited to see this Cheeto, extra cheesy, ascend to the highest public service office in the land, I can name about 2.9 million who feel the opposite. Myself included, I can allude to the feelings of uncertainty, sadness, denial, and rage. However, instead of taking to Twitter and irresponsibly projecting my feelings, I've decided to curate a list of black ass things and happenings that one could participate in that channels positivity and happiness. Check it out below:

Museums: Studio Museum of Harlem ($7), Brooklyn Museum, Jack Shainman Galleries, Museum of the Moving Image, Whitney Museum of American Art, Rubin Museum, and New Museum (All Free).

Films: (In Theater) Fences, Hidden Figures, Loving, Moonlight (Netflix) 13th, Belly, Celia, Chewing Gum, African Doctor, Scandal (YouTube) Girlfriends (Hulu) Black–ish (Independent) Black & Sexy TV

Podcasts: The Read, Another Round, Call Your Girlfriend, Black Girl In Om, Black Girls Talking, Code Switch, For Colored Nerds, Still Processing, Girl on Guy, 2 Dope Queen, So Many White Guys

This is just a short list of what I've been ingesting to get through this transition season. If you have any other suggestions PLEASE do leave them in the comments. I hope this day brings you plenty of joy, peace, and resolve despite the sh*tty circumstances.


Product Junkie: Maca Root


Do you chronically feel so sluggish that, if given the option, you would lay your body on a subway floor and nap? Do you feel this way a mere five minutes after leaving the house? Do you feel indolent the minute your eight hours of slumber concludes? Be not weary, old friend, I may have found an ancient resolution. *Googles Maca*. It is an ancient root vegetable that is native to the Andes of Peru and has been used for generations for medicinal purposes. Recently, it has taken on the role of the "new" kale in terms of its usage in preventative health measures. 

Maca's biggest repairs for women tend to focus on improving sexual and reproductive health. However, due to the array of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids, Maca root has been linked to boosts in energy and aid athletic recovery.  Its effects are wondrous and simple to acquire. I add a teaspoon of powdered maca to my smoothies in the morning. The smell is a little disturbing if you aren't a fan of yogurt, or dairy (like me) but the taste is nonexistent in the grander scheme of things. C'mon what's a smoothie to a mood (and uterine) boost?!

Navitas Naturals Maca Powder / $5.99 / Whole Foods Market

Gratitude & Affirmations

Courtesy of Ivory + Ash


I've had a sincere longing to affirm myself lately. Not necessarily because I have low self-esteem as much as I feel like I've been living below my potential. I'm not ungrateful for the opportunities but I do feel as though I could be undertaking more. My exact thoughts: If I got all of these commendations WITHOUT trying; imagine what I could do if I begin to put in a little more go after what it is that I need! Thus, I began reading and learning ways to live on purpose and change the deficit in my thinking. 

And if I'm being frank? I've actually begun to see changes in the way that I interact with others and myself. Now, when a daze of doubt rears its ugly head, the negativity is smothered before it can build a permanent home in my conscience.

How have I accomplished the aforementioned? Affirmations that emphasize my worth and the capacity I am loved. It's quite easy to begin. I simply looked up affirmations (after learning what affirmations were, lol) online that related to the topic I aspired to better and wrote them on post-its. I then arranged the notes around my apartment in spaces that I look: my blender, my mirror, my nightstand, my clothes drawers. The deliberate locations obligate that I profess affection to myself every. single. day.

All this positive affirming must have radiated through my Instagram feed because soon after I began, Ivory + Ash inquired whether or not they could send me a few cards from their Gratitude collection. My exact thoughts? HELL YEAH. The cards, beautifully illustrated by the talented co-founder Deun Ivory and curated by BGIO co-creator, Lauren Ash have meditations regarding gratitude that incite growth and peace. I cherish these cards so much I decided to write my own affirmations on the face and replace some of my post-its. The cards are not only less likely to get damaged due to steam from the shower but it also gives me something lovely to gaze upon as I remind myself of the beauty I hold -internally and visibly. 

#CWM: Get Your Shit Together


My mom said this to me when she thought I was using her credit card for frivolous purchases. (Nope). However, despite the sting of the words, I took the timing of the message, shortly before the new year, as a charge for the incoming year. I took this adage of explicit nature is a call for improvement and self-determination, not necessarily change. This year, I want to be proactive as opposed to reactive. I want to determine the footsteps of my future. Eating healthier, watching my finances, making time for the people in my life, learning to forgive myself -these modifications in habit aren't to change me but to add to the quality of my life. 

Being told to "get my shit together" wasn't a reprimand as much as it was a no hold bar affirmation about my potential and capability to do and be better. It is an African-American proverb as old as time whose sole purpose is to hold persons accountable. "Get your shit together" isn't meant to comfort or coddle, it is meant to produce.

...and for that, I'm grateful and I accept the charge. from my heart to yours, GETTETH THOU SHIT TOGETHER! 

Cutie Pie


I googled the recipe for chocolate pies for three days after reading The Help. Finally, I found one that was uncomplicated and reliable. I wanted to more about a character just left of center, Minnie, and her skills to doctor up recipes on a moment's notice. Her pies played a central role in the novel, and eventually the movie, and I wanted to somehow place myself in her shoes beyond reading about her woes that translated to righteous ferocity. Little did I know, this formula would find its way into my permanent repertoire of comfort recipes. 

"Is it a mousse? Is it a cake? Is it a curd?" these are the only questions that regularly transpire as I whip up the filling to this marvelously unusual pie. The mixture's failure to solidify befuddles many- which is understandable. People have a right to know what exactly it is that they're preparing to consume. However, once it comes out of the oven, all qualms are replaced with forks, curiosity, and wonder.

Rating: 10/10. There is nothing I would change about this recipe. It's perfect for all seasons and all occasions. I make it for friends all the time, with little to no objection about how delicious it is. This pie is the reason pie crust is the always stocked in my freezer!

For the recipe, click here!

#ThisGotMeThru 1/03-1/17


It's baccccck! The first #TGMT of 2017 is officially here and I love it because it's dedicated to catchy love tunes. It's the kind of songs that makes you burst into a wine or serious two-step while you think about the one you love. If you find yourself detached or single during this #CuffingSeason, don't worry! The songs on this playlist are also upbeat and happy (a quality that tends to be absent in the typical crooner) thus, capable of taking your mind away from the blues of cuffing and onto the dancefloor.

Click right here and dance your week away!

Got Trumped?

The perennial thoughts of one black woman, with mental health issues, anticipating Trump's America...*

*This post is NOT going to leave you feeling warm and cozy...maybe resolve, hopefully.

Don't think about it...stay off Twitter...think about happier things...focus on your people have suffered through worse'll be okay...2.9 million people agree with you...

These are the thoughts processed hourly through my anxious, OCD-ridden brain as January 20th turbulently comes into view. So far, I've been semi-successful at keeping these thoughts and fears at bay (minus a few frantic calls to my mom) but then...the 114th session of Congress decided to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. This exploit implemented in the middle of night, mere hours before the 115th session of a Republican-controlled Congress is to convene, dredged up a SLEW of emotions I have been trying to silence and ignore since November 8, 2016.

Since November 8, 2016, I have been existing in a silent rage, specifically at work and in some white creative spaces, feigning an attitude of sarcastic disdain (instead of outright hatred) for Trump in front of customers and colleagues alike. I've been in the business of making potential Trump voters feel okay about their bigoted decisions instead of shaming them for placing financial "anxiety" (covert racism) over the rights and lives of those historically marginalized (overt racism and other -isms). Since November 8th, I have felt out of control watching people with platforms and (perceived) better judgment try to normalize and extend a hand of understanding and empathy to a man who showed neither quality during his presidential campaign. Extend a hand of compassioned understanding to this man who will succeed, quite possibly, the most diverse cabinet and White House with a cabinet of white supremacists, billionaires, global warming and civil rights deniers? Sympathy in the midst of Trump's wrongdoing is what got us here in the first place. Since November 8th, my daily bouts of crying fits have increased because nuclear arms and SNL skits seem to be the only topics that interest this nation's president.

This election has really put into question for me what will activism and/or protest look like in 2017 and beyond. What can I do to correct the vast mistakes that will be made by this administration? How do I fight for what's right while ticking off personal objectives? These are just a few of the questions that occur in panicked anticipation. I'm trying my best to not be cynical but it's hard when you're a delusional optimist with a panic disorder and OCD, whose world view has been greatly disfigured.