My Bkr

Sponsored by BKR


My morning routine doesn't consist of much. I wake up, pee, and make breakfast while blasting music to the dismay of my roommates (I'm assuming). My routine, like me, is simple but one thing was missing- water. Yes, I eat healthier but ever since a hoodrat at my job stole my favorite orange CamelBak water bottle, I've been feeling both ashy and dehydrated. My skin was been feeling the drought. Luckily, a day later my friends over at BKR reached out (divine intervention?!) and sent me a couple water bottles to test. I was a little weary because I'm not great with things composed of glass, I carry my water in my bag, and I didn't want to be weighed down. Nonetheless, I've been hooked since they've arrived. They are so chic and I love the variation in sizing. Pictured above is their 1000mL bottle that I keep by my bed to stay hydrated morning and night. It's a beautiful lavender color with my initial (very rare) in yellow. It's amazing, I can feel the difference, and my cucumber/lemon water has never tasted better since receiving #MyBKR.

Boo "Y" 1L water botttle / $50