Nostalgia, Ultra


This weekend I ventured uptown to my old neighborhood, Harlem U.S.A. I haven't been back since I moved to Brooklyn due to PTSD but I must admit, it did feel great being back in the mecca of Black culture. I went to go see a new exhibition at my favorite museum and being back in the 'hood gave me immense flashbacks and nostalgia. I guess it didn't hurt that my outfit was a bit of a throwback. I bought this jumpsuit at Beacon's Closet when I first moved to NYC and it's been an essential staple in my summer wardrobe ever since. Its 1970's silhouette makes me feel funky and chill while its easy, breezy nature allows it to withstand the brutal humidity this city loves to offer its residents and that's perfectly alright with me. :)

Jumpsuit / Thrifted (Beacon's Closet)