B*tch, I'm Taking Calls


This is what it looks like when I talk to my mom. We tend to have mid morning conversations about business and content. By business, I really mean my mom spending 15-45 minutes convincing me to get out of my own way. Whether I like it or not she's basically my momager. She's great and I wish everyone could experience her knack for always being right about my life choices. This outfit, however, was picked by me and isn't necessary to have a momager but it is comfy and great to run important errands in. You know leisure wear outside the typical realm of leggings and Birkenstocks (a set of coordinates I'm guilty of donning on more than one occasion). I love a great Nike legging as much as the next girl but c'mon, I'm turning 25 in just over 2 weeks and I think it's about time my leisure wardrobe finally exit puberty...momager or not.

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