Easy Breezy


Ok. So it's summer time. The living is easy and Zara's semi-annual sale persuaded me to buy this sweater. I bought it after picturing it on this here blog and envisioning it out on the town. I mean, the price tag alone could've persuaded me ($19.99!) but I'm becoming a person whose wardrobe needs to be cohesive thus, I indulged myself in a little self-soothing deliberation. When my package arrived, I was having a full blown episode of buyer's remorse. C'mon who needs FOUR sweaters mid-summer?! Nonetheless, to my pleasant surprise, this ribbed, ecru, backless knit is actually the perfect summer sweater. The pullover isn't too heavy or too bulky, it shows ample skin, and summons many a catcall. Paired with my high slit, green khakis this look isn't too shabby either. It's breezy in all the right places and on a scale of 'Nun' to 'Naked', it's perfectly centered.

Sweater Zara / Bag Thrifted