Guess Who's Back...Again?


I'm back, for real this time though. No stopping and starting. No long unexplained disappearing acts, I'm back. I just needed a little time to breathe and calibrate my creative compass. I needed time to ask myself the important questions. Did I want to write about fashion, beauty, and the like or did I want to make my blog more personal? I was struggling to fit into a box my last go 'round with blogging but my recent move back to Brooklyn was just the catalyst I needed to dive headfirst into a fresh start! I cleared my head...and my blog and I refuse to choose my topics. I made it too complicated last time. Now, I will simply write about what I love and muse about on the daily. I'm much happier and, hopefully, that will be reflected in my new and improved blog. Stay tuned.

...for real though, I'm back!