Roti Run!


Despite that fact that I work an exhaustive 40 hr. week and my days off are nonconsecutive, I'm still glad that one of those days off is Saturday. I can reconnect with friends (sans bars) and attend the numerous events whose invites I used to throw to the wayside due to my 6 a.m. work time. This Saturday, though, I chilled. I really wanted roti (as I always do) so when my boyfriend, Syd,  called I knew he'd be the perfect tag along in my culinary quest. It was really beautiful outside so I donned a thrifted chartreuse maxi dress (that has several burn holes thanks to July 4, 2015...but that's a whole nother story), my favorite Deer Dana shirt, my ever-popular lucite earrings, and cute underwear because of my dress's transparence. We headed to Ali's Trinidad Roti Shop, which on any given day will have a line out the door. It's worth it, though. GAWD! The 15-minute, or so, walk from my apartment in my diaphanous dress was perfect for absorbing what the sun had to offer. The delicate material also didn't hurt while waiting for my meal in the crowded and hot roti shop.

Dress + Purse + Sunglasses / Beacon's Closet , Shirt /Deer Dana $60 , Earrings / Buffalo Exchange $10