"Well, aren't you dressed up"? I hear this sentence every. single. day as I walk into work to punch in for my shift. If unfamiliar with the commenter, I acknowledge their words with a simper. If acquainted, I answer their remarks with the simple phrase, "I'm dressing for the job I want not the job I have". They look at me partially taken aback that my ambitions extend beyond my current job and partially caught off guard that I'm actively planning for the future...and openly talking about it, not just by word but also in deed. A part of me is astounded as well at my straightforwardness and the audacity of my growing ambition. 

I dress up for work because it makes me feel good and helps me overcome the overwhelming bout of depression that washes over me every day I punch in. Dressing up helps me brainstorm post ideas, see what works, how people react to my sartorial musings, and keeps me sane and in tune with myself. The brief stint I spent wear my shift clothes into work had me depressed and unmotivated to do anything but punch in, punch out, and go to sleep. Now, I have a reason to get up and work tirelessly to make my dreams come true. People critique others dressing up as succumbing to vanity and self-centeredness but little do they know, I'm manifesting my best life one outfit at a time.