Channel Orange


Orange might just be my power color. Stay with me guys, I promise I'm not Bo's mom via Blackish but she has some valid points about color psychology. I feel invincible and always so chic no matter what hue or gradient of orange I don. It intimidates those I intended to keep away and attracts those who were meant to be. Orange, a demanding color associated with courage, extroversion, and risk-taking, I can 100% declare that this color is 66% me. I flip-flop between being an extrovert depending on the crowd I'm with so I doubt that characteristic applies to me. I would, however, claim the term risk taker because hellllooooo I'm wearing long ass pearl earrings with sneakers and bright pants that would qualify as high water under any other circumstance if not for their shape. If wearing this getup in public isn't courage, I don't know what is...