Feeling Fallish

How was it just 68º in August?! It's crazy to think that in just a few weeks, the season of autumn will be rearing her cold-hearted, yet beautiful, head. I don't think I'm quite ready to let summer go but I bought a bunch of stuff during Zara's semi-annual-heaven sent sale that will placate the pain of seeing warmth withdraw. My turtleneck is one of those purchases. When I tell you that I bought THE MOST, I mean it. I recently saw it in my chiffonier, I forgot that I had purchased it. Shopaholics Anonymous anyone?! Nonetheless, I am very pleased with my decision and purchase. It's very sleek and vibrant. Its color is piercing, despite it being an earth tone. However, despite all the niceties, it is still a turtleneck and rarely if ever are those sexy on their own. Turtlenecks are a closet item that needs punching up. To funk it up and elevate my turtleneck to a place of fun and allure, I threw on my favorite split-leg trousers and my toothsome booties via Zara (yet another purchase). It's great for the office, translates well for dinner, and/or is amazing for a chance meeting with your contemptuous ex or even the bitch who continues to hate. Give her another reason.  This outfit may be my Fall '17 moment but if the weather persists the way it is...I'll be wearing this get up tomorrow.