#CWM: Get Your Shit Together


My mom said this to me when she thought I was using her credit card for frivolous purchases. (Nope). However, despite the sting of the words, I took the timing of the message, shortly before the new year, as a charge for the incoming year. I took this adage of explicit nature is a call for improvement and self-determination, not necessarily change. This year, I want to be proactive as opposed to reactive. I want to determine the footsteps of my future. Eating healthier, watching my finances, making time for the people in my life, learning to forgive myself -these modifications in habit aren't to change me but to add to the quality of my life. 

Being told to "get my shit together" wasn't a reprimand as much as it was a no hold bar affirmation about my potential and capability to do and be better. It is an African-American proverb as old as time whose sole purpose is to hold persons accountable. "Get your shit together" isn't meant to comfort or coddle, it is meant to produce.

...and for that, I'm grateful and I accept the charge. 

...so from my heart to yours, GETTETH THOU SHIT TOGETHER!