Gratitude & Affirmations

Courtesy of Ivory + Ash


I've had a sincere longing to affirm myself lately. Not necessarily because I have low self-esteem as much as I feel like I've been living below my potential. I'm not ungrateful for the opportunities but I do feel as though I could be undertaking more. My exact thoughts: If I got all of these commendations WITHOUT trying; imagine what I could do if I begin to put in a little more go after what it is that I need! Thus, I began reading and learning ways to live on purpose and change the deficit in my thinking. 

And if I'm being frank? I've actually begun to see changes in the way that I interact with others and myself. Now, when a daze of doubt rears its ugly head, the negativity is smothered before it can build a permanent home in my conscience.

How have I accomplished the aforementioned? Affirmations that emphasize my worth and the capacity I am loved. It's quite easy to begin. I simply looked up affirmations (after learning what affirmations were, lol) online that related to the topic I aspired to better and wrote them on post-its. I then arranged the notes around my apartment in spaces that I look: my blender, my mirror, my nightstand, my clothes drawers. The deliberate locations obligate that I profess affection to myself every. single. day.

All this positive affirming must have radiated through my Instagram feed because soon after I began, Ivory + Ash inquired whether or not they could send me a few cards from their Gratitude collection. My exact thoughts? HELL YEAH. The cards, beautifully illustrated by the talented co-founder Deun Ivory and curated by BGIO co-creator, Lauren Ash have meditations regarding gratitude that incite growth and peace. I cherish these cards so much I decided to write my own affirmations on the face and replace some of my post-its. The cards are not only less likely to get damaged due to steam from the shower but it also gives me something lovely to gaze upon as I remind myself of the beauty I hold -internally and visibly.