Product Junkie: Maca Root


Do you chronically feel so sluggish that, if given the option, you would lay your body on a subway floor and nap? Do you feel this way a mere five minutes after leaving the house? Do you feel indolent the minute your eight hours of slumber concludes? Be not weary, old friend, I may have found an ancient resolution. *Googles Maca*. It is an ancient root vegetable that is native to the Andes of Peru and has been used for generations for medicinal purposes. Recently, it has taken on the role of the "new" kale in terms of its usage in preventative health measures. 

Maca's biggest repairs for women tend to focus on improving sexual and reproductive health. However, due to the array of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids, Maca root has been linked to boosts in energy and aid athletic recovery.  Its effects are wondrous and simple to acquire. I add a teaspoon of powdered maca to my smoothies in the morning. The smell is a little disturbing if you aren't a fan of yogurt, or dairy (like me) but the taste is nonexistent in the grander scheme of things. C'mon what's a smoothie to a mood (and uterine) boost?!

Navitas Naturals Maca Powder / $5.99 / Whole Foods Market