Product Junkie: Shea Butta Lips


In the midst of this cold rendering me, corporally, useless, I mustered up enough energy to refresh myself. I cleaned my room, took a shower, and caught up on a few podcasts. I was finally beginning to feel revived when I looked in the mirror. My lips were in pain and in need of a little extra love -they were cracked. Luckily, I found a remedy during an indulgent trip to the E. 86th Street Sephora.

I'm a sucker for chic packaging and Sephora was right on the money. The chic, minimalistic, monochromatic packaging lulled me into a false sense of security. I had, previously, been curious about the trend of anatomy-specific masks and Sephora could sense it. I compiled a variety pack and set out to test them. One pewter lining later, I'm sick, my lips were in pain, from damage, and I needed a lip job.

I must admit, the mask wasn't bad. It was hard to keep in place, however. The mask kept shifting and I, continually, had to shift it back over my mouth. My lips were worth the work. After 15 minutes, the mask came off and my lips felt pillowy soft. I rubbed in the excess serum, per the nstructions and they glistened with a sheen of revitalization. They looked polished and I looked human - you know, again.