Cough Drop Confessions


Raindrop, cough drop. That is the abbreviated synopsis of my week thus far. Yes, folks, I am sick. I thought I was cute, bared my legs and ended up swimming in ginger and lemon tea. However, in the words of Jenna Wortham, there is indeed a pewter lining. Thanks to my raging head cold, I got sent home from work and, consequently, got a chance to compose some blurbage about this outfit I wore recently to run errands.  

As it so happens I was feeling low at the time -emotionally not physically. I was stuck in the time vacuum that is Twitter. I needed to run errands but, of course, my opinion needed to be opined! I was furious about the current state of politics and could not let leave the house without giving the current administration a piece of my mind. I also felt as though I needed to drag the various marginalized folks that felt the need to normalize the government in its current state. Basically, I was wasting my time and energy. I was draining my emotional resources. 

Somewhere between the third and fifth season of Living Single, I finally found the power to put my phone down and plop some clothes on. I settled into some sweats but looked the way I felt -hopeless. I needed an outfit that would motivate me out the door. Eventually, I squeezed my afro into a ruled turtleneck and matched my footwear to its pattern. Paired with my mauve coat and an ice blue beanie the color arrangement made for a brightened mood on a bleak and overcast day.