#ProductJunkie: The Pure Stuff


I liken finding a new product that works to unlocking a piece of yourself. The trial and error of testing new products can be tedious. Thus, the monumental moment when something actually work is real. I cling to tried and true products like a suspicious girlfriend-the latter of which I am not. Nonetheless, the emotions I just described is how I felt when I discovered Dr. Bronner's Castile soap. This soap really is magic, y'all! It's natural, long lasting and the smell permeates my bathroom once unwrapped. I tend to stock up on various "flavors" in order to interchange my aromatherapy based on my mood and what my emotional needs are. Happy = rose, relax = lavender, migraine/refresh = tea tree. The soap isn't extremely drying like some of its competitors which is amazing for a girl like me with a, daily, 5 am wake-up call. On nights when I'm exhausted beyond words, I simply take a shower, unwind under the water beating on my skin and after let the essential oils of Dr. Bronner sweep me off to dreamland in nothing but my towel.