Cool, Calm, Collected...Canadian?

It's about that time, folks! The first compelling day of spring finally sprung into our lives (global warmed winter days excluded). Though it came as no surprise, it was wildly refreshing to walk down the street without socks and invite a little vitamin D to enter into my depleted being. Unfortunately, I work in an environment in which I'm not permitted to wear skirts or dresses but the warming climate allowed me to test my endurance against a cemented closet staple-the Canadian tuxedo.

The elements of this experiment came together rather serendipitously-I work at 6 am, I was running late, my job prefers denim in the workplace and my boyfriend's jacket was the closest thing to the door as I headed out. A 5:17 am train was also involved but that only puts into context why I was running late. Nonetheless, as I stepped off the elevator and into the street, the 5 am air was atypical to its usual 30º. A warm day was finally among us. 

I felt nervous and unprepared. I had forgotten about the weather front and my consequence would now be turning into a 5'2" swamp monster. *Enter WTF?! here* I left work, the sun in its zenith, determined to enjoy what surely was a beautiful day come hell or high water. No pun intended. I ran a couple errands, bought some snacks and even took bae out for froyo all the while looking, and feeling, fresh under the right-hand twill of "my" oversized denim jacket. I felt breezy and my jeans, cuffed at the ankle, allowed for the occasional gust of wind to kiss the right places. I think it's safe to say that I just stumbled into my new, easy pre-summer look by way of not missing my 5:17 am train...

Jacket + Denim: Levi's / Sunglasses: Beacon's Closet / Shoes: Vans (Duh!)