Don't Call It a Comeback

(no pun intended...I know I've been gone for a lil' bit.)

The need for hats and caps seem to be waning with spring impending. The chapeaus are slowly being tucked away into their respective storage spaces to be revisited when the temperatures begin to dwindle, in a few months. Not so fast, though! Berets extend beyond the winter season in more ways than one.

The European headgear had a major resurgence this year with brands such as New York cool girl's Glazed NYC, 80's-inspired swimsuit brand Solarium, and even Gucci taking in on the action. I like to credit this revival with Beyonce's Super Bowl 50 performance, in which her backup dancers embodied The Black Panthers Party in the year of their 50th anniversary - but that may just me. Nevertheless, berets are the perfect accessory to get through the unpredictability of spring. Through rainstorms and daily jostles alike, berets have enabled me to appear put together despite surrounding environments displaying the contrary. For example: Bad hair day? Beret. Pulled an all-nighter preparing an important presentation and ran out of time to physically prepare yourself? Beret. Want to show a new date you are not to be f*cked with? Beret. Two-strand twists still damp because you decided to wash your hair at 10pm? *Enter [BERET!] here*

Furthermore, the beret is a relatively affordable form of gear. That is, unless you're Rihanna donning a leather beret to the Dior show- that, my friends, will cost you a pretty penny. However, I perused my local vintage and thrift stores last year and stumbled upon two, costing me no more than $7.50...each. I get loads of compliments all the time from people in the streets AND it's become my desingated brunch hat-when I can make it to brunch- because Lord knows how my hair is after a Saturday night in New York.